A Full Range of Smart Home Technologies

We install and instruct homeowners on a full range of smart home controls, including the categories and products below. Like an intelligently networked smart home, we are the complete package.

The Smart Home

What is a "smart home"?

Each of these products can be installed—in any combination you want!—to upgrade and sync your home’s technology and improve its energy efficiency, making it a “smart home.” These technologies allow you to make more informed decisions for a smoother running home and lifestyle.

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks mean access to your home never leaves your control. You can remotely lock and unlock doors and create permanent or temporary virtual keys for guests—all from your smartphone. Never lose or make another copy of your house key again!


Smart Doorbells

With instant alerts sent to your smart phone or tablet, smart doorbells allow you to see, hear, and speak to anyone at your front door no matter where you are. They also offer on-demand HD video recording combined with color and night vision.


Home Theater & Multi-Room Audio

With our product and installation expertise, we provide boundless options for superior home audio and movie experiences—without fishing wires behind walls! We’re also able to support and maintain the system once it’s up and running.


Camera Systems

Cameras help you look after your home when you’re in the kitchen, down the street, or out of town. Receive instant email or mobile alerts whenever motion is detected and live view the camera feed(s) anytime. Or, cameras can continuously record up to 30-90 days of video and securely save it in the cloud. You never need to feel like you’re leaving your home unattended again.


WiFi Systems

A mesh WiFi system eliminates buffering nightmares, dead zones, and weak signal spots within your home, delivering fast, super-stable WiFi to every square foot of living space. And it keeps everything on the same network, unlike boosters.


Smart Thermostats

An integrated smart thermostat allows you to better manage energy use and customize temperature settings from your smartphone. You can set parameters on when to receive critical temperature alerts so you know when your furnace may be acting up. An online report that tracks energy use is created so you can adjust habits and settings to maximize energy savings. 

Smart Garage Doors

Have you ever wondered "Did I forget to close the garage door when I left the house?" Now you don't have to worry because you'll be able to remotely control your smart garage door from an app on your smartphone. You can set and receive alerts when the garage door is left open or when it’s opened while you’re away.

Smart Sprinklers

A smart sprinkler system helps you avoid over and under watering your lawn, even when you’re away on vacation. Designed for effortless home irrigation with easily customizable watering schedules, smart sprinklers help your landscaping, your wallet, and the environment!


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Why You Should Hire Us

There are many do-it-yourself products out there for home security, audio systems, smart thermostats, etc. What we offer is a depth and breadth of product expertise that allow us to find the right components for you, ensure system compatibility, and provide fast, professional installation that avoids costly mistakes. This means you don’t have to lose an entire weekend or longer to a DIY project you thought would only take a few hours.

Let us make your home smart.

Home Tech Makes Your Life Easier

Not knowing who’s coming and going through your front door, manually adjusting thermostats and sprinkler systems based on changing weather, and re-setting your WiFi router when you lose connectivity make it difficult to run your home efficiently and safely. Home security, energy efficiency, and entertainment systems can all be improved with integrated smart home solutions.

Tech & Home Compatibility

A smart home means smart communication between systems and gadgets. We ensure compatibility between devices by connecting each one to a centralized smart hub within the home. This allows all systems to work together, with access and information available to you on one app for your smartphone.

There's an App for That

We put the power to run your home at your fingertips—quite literally. You can control your home’s lights, security cameras, door locks, garage door, and more from one app. This means you can adjust and monitor systems remotely, giving you peace of mind no matter how far from home you are.


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How the

Process Works


1. Schedule

If you’re ready to discover quick and easy ways to bring smart home technology into your house and make your life easier, contact us and set up a FREE consultation to discuss the right home technology solutions for you.

2. Proposal

We will propose and quote a number of systems that meet your smart home needs and your budget. 

3. Rent Our Geek

After agreeing on your system(s), we will schedule a trained geek to install everything quickly and provide you and your family members with product training. We will help you download the app(s) and walk you through how to use it, making sure you understand how to use all of the features. Then all you need to do is enjoy your smart home and all of its benefits!


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